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another 4cm question/thread


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I've followed the Community 4CM for POD HD500 pdf that I got from the old forum way back in 2012 or so.  In setting up for both an effects only patch and amp + effect patches this guide has me setting the mixer A to -14 dB & B to mute.  I find that on these settings the volume is so low.  I've reset both mixer A & B to 0 and get better volume but still nowhere near my amp unity.  Pod is set to Line.


Has the newest bios changed things since then?  I also can't set my effects only patch to pass through my amp's preamp.    I have an fx loop last in the chain just before the mixer.  a studio EQ just before the fx loop.  From what I understand this is supposed to pass the signal through my  amp's front end putting the HD effects before that. 


is the Studio EQ supposed to be set to something other than 0?


I just repurchased a used unit and have forgotten everything I knew in the past.  a little help would be great. 



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I use the 4CM a lot, I'm always looking to place the FX Loop block at middle of the chain, something like this:

Dynamics effects > OD/Dist > Amp Block > Mixer block > FX LOOP > Delay > Reverb....

Regarding the mixer, I have panned everything to 0 (A/B.)

To deal with lower volume issues, check the "return" parameter, you can increase it a little (it tends to distort sometimes, but if properly adjusted....)




this is my suggestion, it will depend on your amp, guitar, effects in the chain etc. 


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