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Success with lighter gauge strings?

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I know the JTV59 comes with 10's and I understand the piezo's involvement.


But has anyone had success for the modeling with lighter strings - say 8's (I use Dunlop 7's on my other guitars)


As I just received a used JTV59, I don't want to go too much off the rails as I'm testing, but would like to know for the future.

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FWIW - on all my electrics I tend to bounce between 9s and 10s, just keep the left hand on its' toes.  While the 9s are perfectly acceptable, I DO find the 10s have a bit more authority so to speak.  Goes back to the "tension across the piezos" comment above.  So certainly give'em a try (9s), they won't hurt anything and if you're good with the response... there ya go.


Oh btw - JTV69s w/Fender neck, and a Standard.  Same response for either...

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I primarily got the JTV59 for the acoustics but having gone through all models with all positions last night, I must say even the electrics blew me away - using various models in my Amp vst on these Variax guitar models surprised the hell out of me - they sound so good using 10's, I'm now not in a huge rush to try 9's...although I will try them out eventually.

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I've used 8 gauge tuned ½ step down for years on both of my 89Fs. No problem at all with stability or tone. I've experimented for years with sting gauge and tone and honestly it is nowhere near as important and many think it is. ZZ Top uses 7 gauge strings, can't tell me his tone is thin. A good amp and a good guitar gives you the versatility you need to make up for any small difference string gauge introduces.

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On 10/24/2019 at 7:39 AM, Bertokia said:

Specracer986....hello, having trouble finding 9.5 - ? D'Addario strings that you mentioned...which type/package of this brand do you use? - thanks!


The in-between sizes are always hard to find in stores because not many use them...look online.



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As promised to report back in my last post. I finally put 7s on my JTV59 and couldn't be happier. There is some volume decrease but a slight fader increase and to me, it sounds just as good as the 10s through my DAW with h/ps.



I finally gave in and put 12's on. Much better tone


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