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Saving Amp Packs before a reset?


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First time posting. Read a lot on here the last week while I was waiting for my 500X to arrive. Just got it today, and man, I wish I had bought one years ago. My friend got one not long after they came out and tried to convert me, but at the time I was a tube amp/stompbox purist. Ive since decided its stupid to not embrace new stuff, so I got one.


Heres the situation I find myself in now. I bought my 500X used. It came with the full, $100 HD amp bundle on the unit. I would like to "reset" the unit so I can start new with a fresh slate to work with. However I dont want to lose those extra amps. Can you save/back up just the amps on the unit and put them back on after its been reset? Or would it be best to just go through and delete all the non factory patches/setlists instead of resetting?


And since Im still trying to figure out the ins and outs of this thing, how do you create a backup of just the amps? Is there maybe a list of various tutorials somewhere for all these noob questions?


Any help is appreciated. Thankis

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Thanks for the reply.


I actually just went and "reset" all the setlists/patches to blank, only keeping the "Best of HD" and the "FX Heavy" setlist/patches, which I assume were the only 2 factory setlists left on the device, the rest being ones from the previous owner. Also I went through the settings and adjusted things to my liking, so combined with the setlists reset, it pretty much accomplished what I wanted to achieve with doing a re-flash.


I actually just saw this reply after logging in to download the original factory set lists from another thread, just to have them and maybe look through them eventually.


I have been thinking about doing a global reset because I think the global EQ settings were messed with by the last owner and I wanna restore that to default, and because the pedals global min/max settings seems off. Was only hesitant because I didnt know if that would affect the added amps, so its good to know it wont.

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