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Pod Studio Gx Stuttering

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I just got the Studio GX unit.  The USB one.  Cool ... installed the Farm software, and it's running fine when I play guitar.  But then I put the guitar away and decided to get on with some work.  Figured I'd play my iTunes through the POD device as it's output to the speakers.


It keeps stuttering and cutting out for a split second here and there.


I'm using the following


Brand new installation (done this morning) of Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3.  ALL the latest updates done from Apple.


Apple Macbook Pro with Retina.  2.6ghz Quad Core i7, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD.  Barely anything on it.  All drivers are the latest from Line 6 website.


I do not understand why it's so juddery.  I'm a designer and using Photoshop, yet I was using an M-Audio Fasttrack (just as cheap!) before and it never once stuttered on me no matter what I threw at it.  All I'm doing is listening to songs in iTunes.


Any ideas?  Is anyone else aware of this problem?  It's put a bad taste in my mouth and part of me is worried I bought it.... 



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