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OH 412 FMAN 6 Pack IR's

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Posted on the other Helix forum -

"Cant recommend this pack of IR's enough! 


If a Friedman is your sound and thing,  this pack takes it to another level. Worth every penny and makes the Placater in HXN sound as it should.. IMMENSE! 

First time buyer of Ownhammer IR's they are so easy to use, plug and play, and enhance the tone immediately and with a bit of tweaking to taste - killer tone in minutes!


Tried other Freidman IR's and patches but they have not even came close to these. 


GuitarJohnSDS.. know you pop in here from time to time... brilliant work and thank you! "


Bit of advice for other HXN users.. 

I don't load the IR's into Helix.. I use the Ignite amps NadiR IR loader. www.igniteamps.com

This is a lot easier to use and browse through the IR's. Put it after your instance of Helix in the channel strip and away you go..

This also allows you to use the higher quality OH IR'S in Nadir and your not be restricted to the limits imposed by the Helix. Make sure the quality is set to Extreme, In Nadir.. Suppose you could even load them into Space designer but not tried that yet. 


Hope this helps.. :) 




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