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Left arrow on HX Effects Unit not Working Periodically


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I have upgraded my brand new unit to the 2.6 firmware.  Periodically, the left arrow button does not work.  I have to reboot the unit to get it to work again.


Any ideas about what causes this?




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Normally would suspect a bad switch, but if it clears up with a reboot that pretty much rules that out.

If it clears up with a reboot and then reappears with only a specific preset, possibly a corrupt preset? Clear it and recreate. 

If it clears up with a reboot and reappears after a repeatable specific button sequence, let us know what the sequence is so others can try to replicate it.

Another option is to reload the firmware (after backing up your stuff).

I had some odd glitchy problems with my HXFX shortly after getting it and pushing it to its limits (sends/returns, USB and MIDI connected, etc). A firmware reload seems to have fixed everything. The HXFX is still fairly early in the firmware revs.



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