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I can not speak English because I am a foreigner. I wrote using Google Translator.

Good morning.
I am using FIVE O pickup now. The instrument uses an ukulele.
The pickup uses a 3v CR2032 battery.
When this pickup is connected, white noise is generated.

There are two instruments equipped with this pickup, but they all have the same symptoms.

Other passive pickups did not have this symptom.
There was also no noise in the fishman pickup installed on the guitar. The Fishman pickup used a 9v battery.

I want to remove this noise.




↓ five-O pick up Noise T^T


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You have a +3V and +9V supply on different devices. Chances are, they are on different ground planes.

What you are hearing is the noise floor between those two ground planes going thru something on another ground plane.


Also, check the Line 6 Knowledge Base here for information on G10 and guitar jack adapters.


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