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After Upgrade Switch Is Malfunctioning

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Hi guys,


Have a JTV-59.

Upgraded to the latest firmware and tried it out.

My gibson (Lester-1) doesn't sound so good as I had hoped. Some sound from an old telephone (o;

Think I have to tweak my POD hD500 a little.


Have a gig in a few days so I went back to the older firmware. Need some time to tweak which I don't have the coming days..

Guess what.... now my guitar selector switch doesn't switch to the magnetic pups anymore. Strange.....


Plug in a normal guitar cable and magnetic pups work but cannot switch to the virtual models (have a full battery). So it is or the magnetic or the virtual..... I use both and now I cannot


Thought it was the roll back to the old firmware so I did an upgrade tot the latest firmware again. Hoping that the switch is going to work again.



Now I have an iupgrade which I don't like at this moment and a switch which is malfunctioning


My friend is always saying: if it works and you are satisfied, don't upgrade. Wish I had listened to him


Someone any ideas or having a simular problem?

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Have you checked the well-known problem of the knob going too far down the switch? Take the knob off (or at least raise it) and see if the switch works then.

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he thanks ozbadman.

That worked fo me. Happy again

(do I now have a malfunction switch or is this 'by design'?)


Thanks anyway!

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unfortunately, this is by (bad) design.


people have resorted to putting a piece of carboard/paper/plastic under the knob, at the top of the shaft. This fixes the problem.

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