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powered speakers vs mixer and powered speakers


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I have two powered PA speakers (peavey pvx p12's) and an unpowered mixer (peavey PV6). Is there any real difference between running my pod direct to the speakers vs through the mixer and into the speakers? 



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There are benefits to both approaches.... you need to decide what is most important to you.

  • The mixer would offer you immediate tone controls you can use to adjust for the room. This is much easier than diving into the global EQ on the HD. 
  • You could also separate the paths into two separate channels on the mixer. EG: If you have a vocal path and a guitar path, or an acoustic and electric path, you can separate them at the output so you can EQ and MIX them at the mixer instead of on the HD.
  • On the other hand.... All mixers have a tone of their own... and you may find the HD sounds better going directly to the speaker (avoiding the pre-amps in the mixer). 


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Your usage will be the driver


Direct in a power FRFR speaker will be good for a pure guitar rig 


With a mixer + amp+ passive speaker or mixer with actie speaker, could be great for a whole ampless band, maybe too much gear to replace only a guiter amp

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