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Release on Warner Music using only the Helix!

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Warner Music just released my first song. I used the Helix for the guitar sound and as the sound-cart. I've been a Line6 user for many years, got a lot of gear from them and I just love it.

Its not only nice sounding but is also let you be very creative.


I'm very interested if you like the song and the sound of the lead guitar. Please let me know! I used the Fatality amp model.




this is the preset I used




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It's not that the tone itself is bad. It just doesn't seem to sit well in the mix. I'm assuming a few things though. Like the voice should be the focus but every time the guitar solos while she's singing, the guitar almost overpowers her and it should be the opposite I think. That's just a production comment. If it sounds good to you it, it is.

It also sounds "drier" to me than the rest of it. It almost sounds like everything else was recorded and mastered first with the guitar being tacked on afterwards. Again just my opinion but if you like the way it sounds, then that's good enough.

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