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Help Identifying an Impulse Response


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I am in need of some help with an odd problem.  I bought a Helix LT used about a year ago and have absolutely loved it.  The previous owner still had a bunch of IRs on it from various companies.  There are a set of them that I really like, but I have no clue where they came from. I would love to know what company made them so I can check out others they have, and to see what exactly they are as some are labeled with an A, B, C, etc... at the end of their filename.  So, I was hoping by some crazy chance someone out there would recognize the file name convention or give me a hint on how to figure out what they are. 


Hopefully this picture appears:



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If they are indeed Celestion’s, the letters probably correspond to Fat, Thin, Dark, Balanced and All (a mix of three microphones - R121, MD421 and SM57). Yours all appear to be based on 4X12 cabs with a Greenback speaker loadout. I have purchased a lot of these IRs. For me, the three-mic mixes are some of the best out there and they come in high gain “Hi-Gn” and low gain “Lo-Gn” flavors, the high gains being generally darker. I like their Redbacks, their Golds and recently uploaded G12K-100, my new favorite. It’s a very personal choice! Visit for more info.

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