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HX effects critique - Tuner


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What do you find effective in a tuner? I am not exactly sure why I don't like it, but the Line 6 tuner seems quite latent, and not very accurate. Perhaps I am not reading it right, but I have  a  TC electronic polytune, and for some reason, it's far better -quicker and more accurate.


Could I be doing something wrong? What do you think about the tuner? 


Disclaimer for overly sensitive posters: I love the HX effects, it's amazing, and can have my first born son or daughter. 

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Rule #1 on this forum is that you are not allowed to dis the tuner in any way :)


IMO...  l like the tuner in the HX FX and find it quite accurate....

BUT - people get used to other tuners, love other tuners, and depending on their setup - the other tuner may quite possibly be the better option.


There is a reason why the HX provides the option for the TUNER switch to output to one of the sends.... it's for those that prefer a different tuner. 

From the manual...

"TIP: If you have a favorite pedal tuner and wish to use it instead of the tuner
within your HX Effects device, connect Send 1 or 2 to your tuner's input
and turn Knob 1 (Tuner Out) to select "Send12." This way, every time you
hold the TAP footswitch, the HX Effects device will automatically route the
signal to your favorite tuner."

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In violation of the "Rule #1" that Codamedia references as well as in the spirit of providing a trailer of the film cruison2 mentions I just have to say the tuner on my Helix still sucks. Sorry all efforts to be diplomatic regarding this feature fail.  Simply the worst tuner I have ever used. Display size and  layout are superb, but it also needs to do its job well, and at least for me, it does not, although it does provide lively and jumpy visuals. I use it for entertainment when I'm bored and to test my visual acuity and ability to track fast moving objects. And yes, I know, others will post they have one of the magic Helices where it works properly. If we get polyphonic processing and with it a new tuner hopefully that fixes it for most everyone.

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