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Helix LT - Main Output and Headphones Volume Issue


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Hi guys,


I have just purchased my Helix LT and I'm loving it!


I'm using Helix as a main Audio Interface for my Mac with Logic Pro and both Output and Input devices have Helix selected with two L+R cables running from Helix to my monitor speakers. Everything works like charm especially with Reamping.


However, I cannot seem to be able to find a way how to turn down the main monitors volume and keep my headphones functioning. It seems that the main volume knob is controlling both monitors and headphones at the same time :(


Any advice please?





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When I was considering getting a LT for my studio and as a backup to my live Helix Floor unit, that's the reason, as well as the Mic and additional inputs, I chose to get a 2nd Helix floor instead.  The headphone volume control is a major asset when recording.  The only thing I can think of is maybe using two of your sends into a small headphone mixer unit.

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I don't know if this applies directly, but when I play live I use my Helix LT to mix a monitor send with my guitar and then to wired IEMs. I've got the big knob set to just control my headphone volume and not effect any of my other outputs. You can do this in global settings. 


In your case, if you did that then the volume going to your studio monitors would be fixed (do you have a level control on the back of your monitors?) and the volume going to your headphones would be controlled by the big knob. 

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Hi Marcel,

About turning down the volume of the monitors without affecting the volume of the headphones in the LT.

Not sure if this works, I haven’t tried it cause I use a small external mixer between my LT and monitors, but I have this idea where output 1 is set to whatever works for the headphones (‘multi’ will work I guess), and output 2 is set to send 1/2. And put the cables of the monitors in the send 1/2 slots. It is just an idea , so don’t blame me if anything goes wrong :)....but the manual says that send 1/2 can act as an additional output block. I think/guess you have to set the output settings of send/return 1 and 2 to “Line” in Global Setting > ins/outs.

It now is not completely separate, cause the big volume knob affects every volume, but you now can - as you wrote as your problem - turn down the volume of the monitors by turning down the level parameter of the send 1/2 block, without affecting the volume of the headphones.

I think it should work, sorry if I am wrong.

Greetings, Marcel (I have the same name :) )



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