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Basic Helix Set Up Question


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Little bit of background...I recently picked up my electric guitar again after 8 years. I'm happy to see that we have many new products that we can use from the comfort of our homes.


My post my have many questions but please bare with me :) I bought an Helix LT today and I'm currently waiting for the delivery. I mostly play at home and never gig or go out. I'd like the simplest set up with the less equipment possible. What kind of small speaker would you suggest that won't require an external power amp? I don't need anything big but I'm looking the best bang for the buck.


First question: What kind of small monitors would you suggest that won't require an external power amp? (Helix connected right thru the monitors) I don't need anything big but I'm looking the best bang for the buck.


Second question: How should I set up the Helix to be able to run backing tracks thru the monitors and the guitar at the same time? (also record that way if possible).


Third question: Best software to record and best auto drum plug in?



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All of this stuff is very easy to find on the internet, so many videos on youtube.  I strongly suggest that if you are getting into the world of modeling that you spend the appropriate amount of time learning how to and what to do with said device.  Seems pointless to me to dive into a new world and not spend the time researching about it.


I only say this because you are literally asking the simplest questions with a helix setup.  If you can't search how to do this then you are going to struggle a lot more with the device and learning how to use it.  The helix can be set up so many different ways, each way has different challenges and procedures.


RTFM, learn to google, have fun gaining knowledge about your craft.

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The simplest way for you is to go get a good pair of powered studio monitors and hook them up to the Helix either through the 1/4" output or XLR output.  They come in a range of quality and sizes so pick the best for your budget.  However, bear in mind you get what you pay for, so it may not make sense to hook up a set of cheap speakers given what you paid for a premium modeler.  That will allow you to play just fine at normal room levels.  If you want to play along with backing tracks the simplest way is to just hook your PC or Mac up to the USB port and play them from the computer.  If you have them on a smartphone it gets a bit more complex in that you'd have to probably use some sort of conversion cables and run it into a receive loop.  It's easier and better to just convert them to a computer format and play them direct through the USB port.


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+1 to studio monitors - I have an old pair of KRK Rockit 6s which work brilliantly for me.  You can also use a good pair of headphones - good for not disturbing the neighbours - if you're serious about a good sound I'd pick up some HD6xx from Massdrop.


You can use the Helix as your audio interface - plug in the USB port and you can play the audio from your computer out of the Helix and into your monitor speakers or headphones.  You can also route your guitar into your computer too and record it while playing along.  You'll need a camera connection kit if you're using an iPad or an iPhone, but that works too.  If compatible, the latest connection kit will also charge your iPad.


As to drum plugin, what platform are you working on?  If you have a Mac/iPad then you probably can get by with Garage Band for just tatting around and basic song writing.  Getting some decent drum sounds is rarely a problem - there are the free plugins, then you have everything from ez drummer through KitCore to BFG if you want to pay - its the patterns in the genre you want to work with and assembling them into songs that cause me the most problems.  Thats why I quite like KitCore as its lots of real drummers looped, and you can buy packs in particular genres.

Alternatively both Logic (Mac) and Cubase (both) come with drum machine plugins AFAIR - maybe the best thing is to buy a DAW?



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