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Reseting settings after change patch


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I wonder if this behavior is normally:


  • I use FS mode "ABCD", start from patch A (FS5)
  • Changing (FS1-4), for example off overdrive (default is on)
  • Change to patch B (FS6)
  • Return to patch A (FS5)
  • Overdrive is on - like in default!


When I do the same, while POD HD Edit is working, the settings is rememebered.
It's really annoying - do you have the same behavior?

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Ola boa tarde
estou tendo problemas com meu POD HD 500
coloco o volume do som do amplificador selecionado na pedaleira em 100% volume e de repente fica em 7% ou 0%. Exemplo de amplificador fender tweed: drive 50% Bass 53% Mid 45% Treble 72% Pres 55 CH VOL 100% salvo. Quando o CH VOL está definido para 0% ou 7%
gostaria de ajudar a resolver o problema

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