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Spider Valve amp without footpedal worthless?


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My SV 212-MKii Bogner is in great condition, but I no longer have a working FBV footpedal for it. I tried to sell it with an official L6 case for $250 US, and got no bites on local FB and CL sites. It made me wonder if the lack of a pedal to control it has become the major factor, or is it that big, heavy, and loud amps are no longer needed in today's gig venues. What do you think?

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On 1/26/2019 at 1:39 PM, napynap said:

Sold it for $200. The interesting thing is the buyer reports a lot of these amps on the used market no longer have their vintage Celestion 30 speakers. Mine still did.

You're now Spider Valve-less? My MKII still has the Celections, but many don't realize that these are China Vintage Celections, not OEM UK make ones. They're still great though. 

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