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Hd500x and blackstar venue 40ht


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Hey people. I'm trying to figure a couple things out and having no results. Hd500x and my Blackstar Venue HT 40 combo amp


#1. I want to set up my hd500x just for fx. I did what is need as far as assigning an fx channel. But not sure how to properly control the clean/dirty channels with my ft. switch, 2-way or 5-way? As well as the incoming gain controls? 


#2 creating a set list; to use the combo amps clean and dirty, controled through the hd500x. Is that possible without having line6 amps? I.e. just sold my DT-25 amphead. Lol Any help would be rad. 


Thx pballjock

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If you want to control channel switching, you would have to get a midi relay box and program it...If you really want to interface with that amp, you would be better off with a Helix LT IMO...It has programmable relays built-in. If you decide to do a midi relay box, midi solutions is an option...It will cost you some money time to get that right and it isn't seamless since you have to program the relay box separate from the HD500...Helix LT would be seamless and layout is similar to HD500...

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