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Helix looks like the one !


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Hey guys! 


I've been browsing and searching the forums and decided the Helix LT will be my next guitar related purchase. 


Now - I've tried finding this certain info but was wondering if anyone can confirm this is possible with the helix..

Whislt in performance view...

Using my dual rectifier (with gizmo) to switch between channels only ( with no added effects just pure amp tone).. with then being able to stomp on a preset to choose a nice clean pre amp or 5150 model with the use the power amp of my mesa rec?


Would like to confirm before i drop the $1500AUD!



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I'm confused by your choice of words, whats a gizmo?  Are you asking if you can use the Helix into your power amp section then yes.  You can.  However that seems to be the least preferred method of powering a helix.  This will give you the option to use any head tone into the power amp section so you can get a wide variety of tones.


I've personally tried this with a Blackstar series one. it worked alright, but doesn't quite offer the same ease of use with FRFR speakers or even a power amp to a guitar cab.  My personal preference is the Helix into a power amp out to a 2x12 cab, while also running out to 2x12"  frfr speakers.  Pushes air like a 4x12, but gives a mix of tone and sounds huge.

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Not 100% sure what you're asking either, but with my LT I have one preset that uses a Helix amp/cab model (clean channel on my Blackstar) then others that use the amp's preamp gain channel with or without FX.


The only way I found to do this is to use 4cm, which works great. The Helix also switches amp channels automatically by preset so I don't even have to think about it.  I'd buy another LT in a second.

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The Gizmo is a device to switch amp channels via MIDI, so OP would be able to control channel switching on the Dual Rec using MIDI from the Helix (instead of the 1/4" jacks, which is important since there are like 50 billion things to switch on a Dual Rec).


The Helix would be able to control your channel switching in this scenario. I think you are also asking if you would be able to use both the preamp and power amp sections of the Dual Rec in some cases and just the power amp (with preamp tone provided by Helix) in other situations. This is probably possible using the 4 cable method, you would just control whether or not certain ins and outs are used on the Helix. I've not tried it and have not messed around with MIDI or really any of the external loops on the Helix, though. However, this kinda defeats the purpose of the Helix in the first place since the whole goal is to model the amps with the Helix instead. Indeed, the Dual Rec model on it is very good, IMO. It makes more sense to just run the output of the Helix into the FX return of the amp so you are only ever using the power amp of the amp, then there is no need to ever switch channels on the amp. Makes the amp kinda overkill for what you are using it for, but it sounds really good when I have done that.

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