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Optimum DT25/HD400 setup...do you agree?


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Got a DT25 a month ago, been experimenting with pairing it up with me POD HD400 since then. Some observations and questions:


1. By far, the best tone I can get seems to comes from going straight into the amp from the guitar. I'm not a high-gain player, more great cleans and then great distortions.

2. Using Link6 tech does give me a lot of flexibility, but the DT25's electronics seem to get in the way of a clear, musical tone. It sounds fuzzy, fake & brittle. IS THIS BECAUSE THE CAB MODELING IN THE HD400 SCREWS EVERYTHING UP?

3. If I bypass the HD400 amp/cab modeling entirely, and put the HD400 direct into the front of the amp (NOT using Link6) I still get not-awesomeness.

4. Up next, I'll plug guitar straight into the amp, then run the HD400 as an fx-only unit in the fx loop of the amp. And then, the dreaded four-cable method. :(

5. The MIDI editing of the on-board amp models is confusing at best. If I use an appropriate MIDI pedal, I am supposed to get 8 channels ?!? A/B, across the four "voicings"?

6. I have also ordered replacement tubes for the amp to see if does any better...


I love new tech & guitar ideas. SO far this setup gets about a 6.0 out of 10. Unless I get a better sound soon, back to GC it goes...please share your tips and tricks that can help me get to awesomeness!


Tx everyone.


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Man this topic come up a LOT.


I have the hd500x. I L6link into my DT 25 or DT 50 depending on the size of the venue. I don’t know anything about the hd400 but the key to fronting the DT amps with the HD floor unit is pre-apm settings and No Cab Sim.

Full amp models no good.

Using a HD 500x pre-amp I can get the same sond as the stand alone amp.

Love this setup. There is a learning curve ( I’m still tweaking patches to songs I’ve been playing through that set up for years)


Use only pre-amps


give yourself time to learn how to dial it in to your perfection


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 I have a question/problem. I´m using DT25 Head and Pod HD400 related by L6 Link. Combination of amps within the HD400 and DT25 Head and 4*12 Celestion Box sounds quiet good. But when I switch between the different presets (A/B/C/D) of the HD400 I will get a Latency, so the next preset starts delayed (Not at the Moment, when I pull the Foodswitch). 


I don´t know, what the reason is. Cable? (Using a standard XLR cable), wrong settings? 


I hope you can help me, because the latency is not suitable for Band Playing :)



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There has always been latency between "presets" on the HD Series.  Nothing you can do will prevent that.   Enabling and disabling delay and reverb effects on the unit can be set to permit "trails" which will sound natural as you toggle them.   We still have the same issue with the Helix today.



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