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Problem with Line6 PODHD500 volume knob


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So I have the Line6 POD HD500 and it has a problem that I can't fix. A lot of times the volume starts to rise or fade without me moving the volume knob and the indications on the POD's screen is doing the same. So I was wondering if any one of you have the same problem or know how to fix it. Will it get fixed if I change the knob that connects with the control board?

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On 9/14/2018 at 9:30 AM, pianoguyy said:

1. Update/reinstall the latest firmware. 

2. Global reset. 

3. Use a new power supply. 


1 thru 3 are sort of the "go to" answers for all problems.


I once solved the overpopulation problem by doing a global reset. :)


I would try the things pianoguyy listed. If none of those work, and/or you're not good with electronics, you'll probably have to get it serviced somewhere.


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Hello good afternoon
I'm having problems with my POD HD 500
I put the volume sound of the amp selected on the pedalboard at 100% volume and suddenly it is at 7% or 0%. Example amp fender tweed: drive 50% Bass 53% Mid 45% Treble 72% Pres 55 CH VOL 100% saved.When the CH VOL is set to 0% or 7%
I would like help solving the problem
Thank you

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