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Bass Pod Xt Live Usb/di Output


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I use my Bass Pod XT live as a guitar preamp by the DI output for my EMU 1212m, it works just fine. But I also want to use the same Bass POD XT as a MIDI controller. But as soon as I plug in the USB into the Bass POD XT, the DI output turns into model output. I know it works like that with the headphone but hre there's just no way there's a common wiring between the USB and the DI output. Any way I set the thing within the control panel, it only affects the sound for (and of) the computer, not the outputs.

a.) is this normal?

b.) If so, why? There's no reason why USB should affect the outputs. It doesn't turn the bass pod xt into a stereo soundcard or anything.

c.) Is there any way I can get the unprocessed sound through the DI output while using the pod as a MIDI controller without unplugging the POD from the USB (so neither Bypass nor a 5-pole MIDI cable is a solution)?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi uglee,

I’m not sure about this, but seeing that you have no replies so far, at least some ideas I would try (I will check put later if that‘s the case on my Bass Pod XT. I usually use it on my Mac via USB only or wireless on my amp.)

Did you check the DI/Model setting in Edit/Gearbox?
What happens if you plug in a cable to Model output? Are the sounds on both different?
Why isn’t a 5-pole an option? Do you need the USB sound on your computer at the same time?

For a), as written, I’l look int this later here.



P.S.: I’ve done so. Yes, you’re right: The moment a USB cable is plugged in DI output switches to model, and it doesn’t matter whether a second cable is plugged into Model output or not.

Have found no way to make it work correctly.

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