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Digital mic Drop out

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Hi all.


Experiencing loss of RF signal on a XD - V75 system. Currently only using the supplied aerials.  Receiver is line of sight with the transmitter and aprx 6o/70ft away.


Would the installation of the Line 6 Paddle aerials improve/solve this problem?



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Reception problems are usually related to other RF sources too close to the receiver antennae. If you can't move any potential sources of interference* away from the location of the receivers, then yes, the paddles, located up in the air away from anything else should help. It's always good practice to locate the antennae as close to the stage area as possible rather than using them to avoid running longer cables but I know practicalities don't always allow this.


*Mobiles, bluetooth devices, computers, WiFi access points, IEM transmitters, wireless comms packs, wireless video transmitters, microwave ovens etc.

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