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Spider Jam Problem

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New to this Line 6 Spider Jam.  I have a 75w that sounds great.  Love all the features and the drums sound great.  Problem.  I get no response from the record, play, undo buttons on the amp, rendering the looper function inoperable, as well as not being able to play the drums or anything.  The play button illuminates while the demo is playing, but still don't function by touch.  All other features work fine.  I've tried checking all the settings, reset several times as well as reflashing with the 2g card and although the flash was successful, still no change.  Has anyone had this problem?  If so, what was the solution?  Not interested in taking this to a tech, they want too much per hour.  I'd rather just purchase a new one at that point.  This was a used purchase, so no warranty.  Any help or advise on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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After check out Master Volume knob, you should access "Playback Levels" in "INPUTS" button on main panel.



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