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Helix and Powercab for home use.


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I've had my Helix for a couple of years now.  I use it at home with studio monitors.


I love the helix and would never consider replacing it but I do do miss the amp in the room feeling.


How does the Powercab fair at low volumes?

I'm well aware that cabs need to be driven to work at there best.  I'm just curious what the playing experience might be at lower volumes.


Thank you for your help.


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I ask myself the same questions.

I've posted a message in the powercab section (you should have done so) to know if this brings really what i search.

I play at home with helix and a yamaha dbr10. At rehearsal, i plug the helix in FOH.

I have pretty good tones. But last time, i've lent my amp to the other guitarist for a gig.

He gave me it back two weeks ago and i've restart playing with it. I really want to find this feeling of the amp in the room.

The other thing is that i don't want to use my helix with the 4CM because i'll loose the flexibility of tones that i want (i wanna pass from a fender to a marshall tone) and i would have bought a simple effect pedal like a HX FX than a Helix LT.....


I had no response there but i've read a lot of posts in "the gear page" topics about the powercab.

The comments seems to be very positive. It really brings this amp's feeling.

Some of those comments seem to tell that the sound is good even with a low volume (i believe you must need a minimum one to feel something, of course !)

Our drummer's got a friend who has a guitar shop, i asked him to see what he can do to take my device and sell me the PC+.


The main problem is that there are very few shops (in the world) to try it (none around me) !

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