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Helix HX effects channel switching 5150 issue


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HI folks, 


I'm new to the board, so thank you for any help in advance! I'm using an HX effects in 4CM to channel switch my 5150 via TRS cable through EXP PEDAL 1. Long story short - it works for while, then it seems to send odd signals to the 5150, and when i switch snapshots (effectively) from red to green channel i get volume drops. If i turn the HX on and off, it seems to reset and all is well; but i only get a few switches and it goes again. It's really adhoc.


I've reset, updated, tried different cables, works sometimes for hours, then goes mental again. Can't "make" it do it either.


If i integrate the official 5150 switcher it's functioning fine, but i'd like to utilise the switcher option obviously. 


Thanks folks!



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