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Metal Guitar Harmony Part


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I only listened to the song once, but some thoughts. What if you used a dual amp approach. Amp A would be the same as Amp B, but on the B channel, add a digital delay 100% wet and a very short time, maybe 24ms or so. The effect of that would be to slightly delay the sound getting there, so that it sound more like two guitarists and not one. Then on either A or B, use the Smart Harmony filter effect set to the key of your song and as suggested above, either to thirds above (as ginpoinmetal suggested) or fifths above.


The smart harmony thingy is a DSP hog so if this doesn't work out, use the same idea, but put a single amp after the mixer and use the A & B just for effects.


I noticed in the video that he doesn't have the harmony thru the whole solo so you might assign the Smart Harmony to a footswitch so up you can turn it on only at specific points.

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