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HX Effects ROCKS! First video with HX and tube amp

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Hey guys!


I LOVE Line 6's modeling and I will very likely use their amp modeling until the day I die!

However, I hadn't owned a 'proper' tube amp in years and I thought HX FX would be a great centerpiece and brain of my new tube rig.


So far I'm really really loving this thing.

It sounds amazing of course but the features and routing options etc are really incredible.

It didn't take much effort to integrate this pedal into the new tube amp rig.

For this first video the setup is quite simple.

It's a metal track with mainly rhythm guitars but the HX has a big part to play in the sound.

Not only do I use it for a noise gate and a flanger, it also takes care of the OwnHammer IR loading and room reverb.

For this I'm using a type of 4cm but I explain it better in the video.


Hope you enjoy this video, there are many more videos with Hx Effects to come!



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