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Is The Pod Pro Hd X Right For Me?


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Ok, so here's my dilemma.  As of now I live in a tiny apartment with my Line 6 Spider 3, my guitar, and my laptop. Now, for the past year I've been playing through my amp through headphones, like through the headphone jack, because I cant play my amp slightly loud enough, before my neighbors come banging at my door. Anyways, I'm thinking about buying a Pod Pro HD X, but there's a few things I want to know about it before I pick it up. 


1. Can I plug headphones and my guitar into it and play directly through it?


2. I'm pretty sure this is true, but can I plug my guitar and headphones into it, and plug it into my laptop via USB, for recording purposes? 


3. Can I use a L6 FBV Express MKII on it? For like Wah effects and stuff?


4. Does the Pod Pro HD X sound better than the Line 6 Spider 4? 


Those are pretty much my only questions.  I really want the HDX because I want to start recording, and I've tried with my Line 6 Spider 3 using a Aux audio to aux audio and plugging it into my mic port in my laptop, and it sounds like utter sh*t. I really don't want another actual amp either, because I hardly play live, or go out to play.


So is the Pro HD X right for me? post-1861678-0-15226100-1383351265_thumb.jpg

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yes to everything... although i do think you'd probably be served just as well with the pod hd desktop.


1. yes

2. yes

3. yes

4. yes (subjective... but the modeling is newer technology and this is my opinion)


Thanks man! You answered all the questions I needed!  :D  I was thinking about going for the Pod HD Desktop, but doesn't the Pro HDX have more modeling tones? I'm kind of a tone geek, I like as many as I can get. 

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