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Noise exist while using Helix LT

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Hi everyone, I am a new line6 helix LT user which seeking for a home studio level usage for guitar and computer audio output. 

Problem 1: create a huge voltage sound while connecting USB from helix LT and scarlett 2i2 (Gen1)   both



Problem 2: while playing a jack plug-in guitar, it has two sound come from the monitor(Yahama HS5): normal simulated guitar sound and a noise similar to max volume from small inch amp at the same time


So, here is my basic setting and equipment I already have.

Setting 1:


*Problem 2 exist 


Setting 2:


*Problem 1 and Problem 2 exist


of course, the setting 2 is the most suitable way for my preference, but problem 2 is the most I want to solve it cause an intrusive noise while I am playing 

Please let me know if there are any reason or solution i can duel with. Thank you so much for the help.








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