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DT50 Head with Firehawk 1500 and Helix

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I play a Helix into a Firehawk 1500. I'm pleased with the results and I can leave and play the Firehawk "solo" in the band room and take the Helix with me to practice at home. No I can get a DT50 Head from a colleague. The DT ist a sweet amp, but I don't want an additional passive speaker cabinet. So, my question:


Is there any reasonable scenario playing a DT50 Head with a Firehawk 1500 as speaker?


As I see it now, I can hook up the DT with the Helix via L6-Link and go out from the DT-Preamp to the Firehawk Monitor IN. But does that make any sense as I'm basically bypassing the power amp tubes of the DT. And how would incorporating the DT Preamp into the Helix work?


Thanks for a little enlightenment!



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