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Hd500x-jtv Hybrid Setup - Is This Possible?


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Hi everyone - almost at the point where I want to pull the trigger on this potential setup.


I currently have an M9 which I really like for delays/reverbs. However, the overdrive/dirt models aren't was good as the pedals I own and I see that others on this list and other forums feel the same way.


So, I was hoping to build a rig that looks like this: JTV69 > dirt pedals > HD500 > amp + house PA (for acoustic models).


But is has occurred to me that if I do this, I cannot use the HD500X to separate the models from the magnetic pickups because I would need to connect to the HD500 via VDI cable.

Is this logic correct?


I have tried to think of workarounds for this and I have come up with 2 possible scenarios but I don't know if they are even possible, so I'm hoping you all could chime in.



I use my dirt pedals in the FX loop of the HD500.

Has anyone done this? How well does this work?

I'm wondering how well the D/A > A/D process will do in this scenario.



I use both the VDI and the 1/4 inch out from the guitar.

From the VDI I choose only to use the Variax input to the HD500.

I run the 1/4 cable out of the JTV into the dirt pedals and into the HD500.


Theoretically with either of these scenarios, I can send the 1/4 out of the HD500 to my amp and the XLR out to the PA for the acoustic models.


Will any of this actually work? Are there better ways to do this?

I'm open to suggestions.






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Both scenarios seem to be implementable.


I believe that you cannot avoid the D/A > A/D process, which will be present anyway (I mean both scenarios JTV 1/4->DIRT PEDALS-->HD500 and JTV VDI-->HF500 FX loop-->DIRT PEDALS, both implement D/A > A/D).


As far as sending the 1/4 out of the HD500 to your amp and the XLR out to the PA for the acoustic models, bear in mind that you must use either “Studio direct†output mode or “combo/power front/stack amp†output mode. Therefore you cannot have simultaneously acceptable acoustic (via PA) and electric (via amp) sounds.


In my case, I connect the JTV via VDI to the HD500 and I am using only the XLR’s out to the PA for ALL sounds (acoustic + electric) with “Studio direct†output mode.  I run the 1/4 out of the HD500 to my amp’s effects loop return, thus using the amp only as stage monitor.  The only drawback in this arrangement is that the stage sound that comes out from the amp is not 100% perfect, but the advantages are many:


1) The audience receives pure HD stereo studio sound through the PA, both acoustic AND electring sounds are amazing.


2) Each song in the play list has one or more presets, including JTV settings (model selection, variax mags input, tone, volume settings and tunings).


3) I can use both variax+variax mags simultaneously (very convenient for Stairway to heaven, Have you ever seen the rain and many other songs).  In other words, it is possible to use one channel for electric guitar (variax mags) and the other for acoustic (variax).  In some cases the combination of 2 electric guitars (eq JTV69S mags+VARIAX LESTER for Hotel California harmony solo part) is also possible.


4) All presets are level (volume) balanced with each other (a very time consuming process), so the “next song guys 1-2-3-4†interval is only a “click†away.


5) The JTV69S+HD500 rig can be fully operational at any PA equipped venue (I mean that the amp is not critical if the sound guy can provide me with a stage monitor).


6) The stage setup time is minimal (unpack, connect VDI, connect XLR’s, connect power supply, eq the two PA guitar channels, done!).


I came to the above setup after experimenting with various tube amps as the main sound source (micked to PA), but although the electric guitar sounds were really good, I was never able to achieve a good acoustic sound thru the JTV.

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Hi jandrio - thanks for chiming in here.

I see how you're running your HD500.


I have done some reading and it turns out that the level of the FX send is low and it looks like no one has been able to find a way to get it up to a level where it will really drive an amp or even drive overdrive or dirt pedals fully - so this doesn't seem to be an option.


To your knowledge, is this possible:

Send mags to mono 1/4" out left

Send models to mono XLR right


This may be a way around some of the shortcomings of the HD500

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If your question is about using mags on channel A (left) and models on channel B (right), then you should arrange as follows:
input 1 = variax mags
input 2 =variax
mixer path A 100% L
mixer path B 100% R
You must also plug a 1/4" jack to the right 1/4" out (using only the left 1/4" output sums the signal to mono, so the models sound will "bleed" to your amp).

As far as the FX level "loss" is concernerd, I am sure you can find acceptable solutions in this forum. FYI I used the 4CM configuration with a Fender Prosonic Custom Shop combo with no problems at all (besides the non-acceptable acoustic sounds).

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