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12 Emulator Setting


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I am looking for a nice Preset to use for my Ovation 6 String to emulate a 12 string. I used to use Digitech's Mosaic 12 String Effect pedal.

I am moving to use my HX FX Effects Box exclusively. I am a 1 month newby in the Helix world, could use all the help I can get.

Thanks  John

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12 minutes ago, Fedupjohn said:

Thanks, I did go through and try a bunch, was hoping that someone might have come up with a combination of 2 or more effects to get close.


I've never tried any of the 12 string pedal emulators, but it's a tall order even for the Variax guitars... the 12 string models still sound a bit artificial, imho. It's a tough thing to mimic... some are octave shifts, then the unisons on the high strings... as nifty as these toys are, some things are still a stretch. 

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