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Dear Line 6,

Is the FireHawk 1500 support or enhancements dead??????


You have such an awesome underdeveloped product here. The majority of the needs are in software and editability settings and with the FVB 3.

I love the amp but it is a 63.14 lb. Living Room Brick. Because of the lack of editing for live performances.


Please step up and enhancement the product. You have very skilled people on your team that are real players. They know what is needed.


Guys isn't all about the Helix, Helix LT, Helix Stomp, Helix Effect. You won't get us to buy any of these or future products when you ignore our other stuff. PS I've had your stuff from the very beginning. You are bring in all these new product and your attention to the other products had slipped. 


There hasn't been an update or enhancement even on your Varaix other than the Suriken. Absolutely nothing for a very long time.


People spend the money on your type of products because there is an expectation of enhancement. Both by design within software and electronic.


FH1500, JTV-69, FVB3, X3Live, POD, POD farm





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Curious here, what major functionality are you still wanting for:


1. Firehawk


2. Variax?


I've kind of just accepted if I want to go ape *&$!# I'll need to buy a Helix product. I'm just not sure I need to, especially when all of the things you can do with a Firehawk would classify as ape *&$!# in the 90's (though I will probably buy the new HX Stomp - bastards finally figured out how to get me there!).


For the Variax, I'd like a much more modern way to change the tuning/guitar models on the guitar itself without resorting to Firehawks, Helixes, or PC tweaking while ALSO not making the guitar look like crap.  That's kind of a tall order though, and admittedly, I can live without it because of how well the Firehawk handles controlling the Variax.


Anyway, just curious what you're still looking for.

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I know this is a double post, but the Variax dilemma got me thinking. A big part of the JTV Variax charm is that it essentially looks like a regular guitar to the unsuspecting eye. I think a lot of us modelers live in that realm, because we don't want to get into the constant gear arguments between the larger majority who essentially thinks that guitar gear should never evolve past the equivalent of rubbing two sticks together to start a fire. 


So how do you improve its functionality without making it look like less of a guitar?  Again, most of the time it doesn't matter because I use a Firehawk or some other controller and modifying it through that is stupidly easy. 


For those times when it's not though (looking at you HX Stomp) why not give the next line of Variax's Bluetooth integration?  You could link it up to a phone, tablet, or PC and edit things on the fly that way!  That way the Variax itself could still largely look like a regular old guitar.


Heck, they should even do this with the existing line by creating a Bluetooth link of some sort. I would envision a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the digital Variax port and allows it to receive signals from a phone, tablet, or PC that could edit the existing models/tunings on the fly. Maybe it could even add the wireless connection to an amp (dual Bluetooth like Samsung has in their devices). Even if it couldn't, you could still plug it into the Variax digital port and then use a regular old cable output to your amp. 


If wishes were horses . . .

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Just thought I would reply for the OP on at least he Firehawk issue and the issue of needing to upgrade with a Helix family product to gain the Helix sounds for our already adequate Firehawk. Most of the posts on this issue revolve around a Helix centered amp on the platform of a Firehawk speaker system or using a Helix into an FRFR version of Firehawk. Many of these posts have mentioned lightening the load to half the 1500s like the Amplifi family but I think this might take this amp out of the stage amp realm since the 1500 watt rating of the Firehawk is a peak output rating and you probably need that much power for this amp to compete on stage since the wattage is split between the speaker array. I think the only way they could lighten the load in this amp would be to use lighter (i.e. more expensive) speakers and lighter (i.e. solid wood) in the cabinet. 

I really think that they should simply forego all or most of the legacy sounds in this amp since most of these have been upgraded with HD effects and replace them with HX effects and presets. If they did this, then we wouldn't have to purchase a new Helix product....wait .... I guess that's the point.

As for Bluetooth in the Variax, I'm all for it but I think they will need to make it as an adapter that would plug into the Variax guitar VDI and use a seperate Bluetooth receiver that would plug into the guitar input like the G-10...wait...they have that already, just not with Bluetooth or VDI. They might need to just make the G-10 VDI compatible because the Bluetooth might interfere with the Bluetooth already in the 1500. 

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What they need to do with the Variax is to open the protocol and use standard MIDI. Then you can use whatever Wireless BTLE MIDI Adapter you want or any other device with your Variax.

The main reason I do not buy a Variax is because I am forced to use a L6 processor. Although I do like their processors and have had several of them, I am currently experimenting with other ones and hate when a brand tries to keep you in their ecosystem like Apple. The best thing to do is to interoperate.


Currently running a GK guitar until I see a more appealing Variax instrument which btw, I would love it would be available as a kit.

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