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Jtv-59 Intonation Problem With 9's

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I think I would do if I changed to 9's.  My bottom E saddle is about as far back as it will go and it doesn't have enough play to allow for lighter strings.  I've thought about changing to 9's - having received some free with a cable - but have held off for this reason.

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Having played for nearly 50 years now even 9's feel like telegraph wires now with my dodgy finger joints and you sacrifice the sound and volume that 10's or 11's give you but fret wear may be less if you're a lead player and bend strings a lot. I don't know what thread the bridge string length adjustment screw is but it needs to be 1/2" long for intonating 9's, (the end of my original adjustment screw was burred through post adjustment so screw it right through to remove it as unscrewing it could damage the bridge thread), doesn't look great either as the upper support post is protruding out of the bridge and you can't access the height adjustment.


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I play 11's and I had to extend the bridge scews to pull it further back to get a good event got the connector underneath the bridge rubbing the's as far back as it can be! I use earnie ball power slinky 0.11s


That's the only way I can get it to intonate correctly!

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