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How Do I Get Ux2 To Record With Distortion?

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Hey community, I have a UX2 and Studio One recording program. I can record using my guitar no problems by plugging it directly into the UX2 and getting a clean tone, but how do i record with distortion? From my amplifier that is.


I tried to solve this problem about 2 years but failed and subsequently gave up. Now im back into recording again and would really like to be able to do this. I did buy a Shure microphone 2 years ago as i recall that it is likely needed, so i have that here ready to go if i need it. Otherwise please help me!


Thanks, Michael.


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I plug a mic into the UX2, and then stick the mic in front of my amp.

also if you have the UX2, you should have POD Farm, which have a lot of amps with a distorted tones your looking for.

i only plug a Bass guitar into my UX2 for recording.

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