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Helix/orange TH30/torpedo captor - help!

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Hi Guys,


So I want to integrate my Orange TH30 Combo with my Helix for recording. I am thinking of doing this via a torpedo captor as a load box.


I would like to be able to switch between helix amps and the TH30.


what is the best way of connecting it all up?





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Here's what I have come up with, does it make sense?


helix fx send 1 -> amp input


amp fx send to helix fx return 1


helix fx send 2 -> amp fx return


amp speaker output -> captor amp in


captor line out -> helix fx return 2



so then I can mix and match helix pre amp with th30 power amp and th30 pre amp with helix power amp.


does this sound about right?

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Doing the same with my amp, Hx Effects and Torpedo Captor.

On the patch I use IR Loader after the FX Loop2 so I can feed the PA with cab simulation.

Sounds great. 

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