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Nashville tuning with JTV/ Helix

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I'm not sure if it is better to put this in the JTV or Helix section, so I will post it to both.
I'm recording at the moment and want to know if anyone has a way to use the JTV / Helix set up for a Nashville Tuning type idea?
Ok so what I mean by that is... Ordinarily to do Nashville tuning we grab two acoustic (or even electric guitars) and split a set of 12 strings over the pair of guitars.  So the normal tuned strings go on one instrument, and the higher set go onto the other.  Then you play the same passages twice, (One on each instrument), and pan each track left / right to give the effect of a 12 string guitar with a very wide stereo field, because the coinciding pairs of strings appear on opposite sides of the stereo field.  This is great for simplistic strummed rhythms, or if you play a song one way every time, but if like myself you humanise a song each time you play it,  (on some songs I like to free time the feel), it is not ideal at all.
So what I want to achieve is, using one of the 12 string sounds available inside the JTV / Helix rig, I want to record the sound into stereo, so I will run each of the output leads of the Helix into separate tracks, and pan them hard left and right, but I do not know if the Helix and JTV set up can be set to give this effect?    I'm pretty sure there must be a way to achieve it, and I am guessing someone has probably already done this in the past, since Nashville tuning, particularly on acoustic recordings is becoming more and more common.
If anyone has a patch set up to do this, please attach a link, as I am terrified of the entire programming side of these things.  (Yes I still prefer plugging pedals into an amp and going old school, because I know what I am doing that way).

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Not if you want Acoustic sounds without some additional help.


Obviously you have the ability to create a Nashville tuned guitar just by raising the pitch of the bottom 4 strings by an octave and you can play the part twice.


But there is no option to split the 12 string parts to different outputs; all you can do is split Mags and Models and record those independently.


There is an option though: with Helix you can process the Mags through an Acoustic IR (e.g. 3 Sigma) to give you the Standard tuning, and the Models with the Nashville tuning and you can record both at the same time.

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