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Driver 7.6.7 won't load MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6


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Hi, trying to get my macbook pro (2013) to see POD HD PRO X and driver the downloads (Monkey 1.77) and says that it has installed but it hasn't. I have seen:

But this does not help. I open System Preferences/Security & Privacy and unlock, but there is no message/notification on blocking of the app. I have tried downloading the driver directly from Line6 website. No difference.


At wit's end...there seems no further help on this.



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4 hours ago, trueNorth55 said:

Same here, even when making the change to allow apps from Anywhere.

Line 6 Monkey doesn't detect the newest driver version (7.6.8) as available for the POD HD PRO X (even though it's required).

Go to the Driver Download page and install it to fix the problem.



Thank you so much! That worked first time!! I spent nearly 6 hours trying to fix this . Why can’t they just fix Monkey to download the correct version??? David

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