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Selector switch noise


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I have had my Variax Standard for a few years now and the 5 way selector switch has always been a bit noisy when using the mags. Not a real problem but just a hint of a bad connection. I have used contact cleaner in the past and that improves things for a while but it's starting to annoy me now!

I've looked on Full Compass but can't find the switch there. Does anyone know the part number and whether its as simple a job as it sounds to change it?

By the way I'm in the UK

Many Thanks

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So are the switches available and, if so, what is the part number. In the past I have purchased stuff from Full Compass and a relation of mine, who lives in the US, has received it and sent it on to me. I must say that the help I have got here in the UK has been of the ' just send it to us and we'll fix it' type. I appreciate that a Variax is a complex thing but I'm a trained computer engineer and I believe that I can change a simple switch without too many problems - if only I could find out what part I need to buy. 

Thanks anyway for the info.

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