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Custom Tone Glitches


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I converted it to .h5s for POD HD 500 Edit and while it loads fine, all these deep settings are at 50%.  Interesting...

So change the settings to the original settings I determined. Did you notice a difference? I do and its huge. Sag at 0% makes the tone transfer instantly. At 100% there is a bit of...well....SAG. The tone seems to flex a bit. The Bias set to 100% makes the tubes sound more like 6L6's. At 0% more like EL34's. Bias X I can't place my finger on but it makes a dif as well. Cab Parameters are crucial as well. setting low to 0% will make the  cab so beefy. res at 100% is a bit louder. Thump makes it do just that. I always set the decay at 0%. But if wanting a supper strat tone I will change it to 100%. Almost has a flange sound to it.

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