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HX Stomp repeatedly freezing


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It arrived yesterday, was all good, but today it has been repeatedly freezing.    When it freezes I still get sound, but no buttons or footswitches do anything at all.  Unless I reboot, which obviously won’t be good enough on a gig,  


Anyone else experiencing this?   

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7 hours ago, ShayLevy said:

I encountered the same behavior with my HXFX, I opened a ticket. Line 6 support replied that this is a bug in the 2.6 firmware and that the upcoming firmware update (2.7) should take care of it. It should be released in a few days. 

This is sort of what I was hoping.  Thanks. I have opened a support ticket in the meantime,. 

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I have same problem with 2.80. Tried editing manually to avoid usb related problems. I had this issue already with firmware 2.71 and tried firmware update both with mac and PC to isolate the problem. After last freeze HX doesn't even boot...

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