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Transferring Toneport From Pc To Mac Os X

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Hi guys,



Imma newb to the mac as well as the toneport. My toneport UX2 was installed on my old laptop which became faulty so i had to purchase a new one (got a mac instead) and i was wondering


-how do i reinstall my UX2 onto it? 

-Do i need to re-register anything? I remember registering my computer on the line6 website the last time

-what software do i need and can i get them from the line6 website? I've lost the box which contained the installation discs


Sorry i know this sounds like a real burden but i'd be really grateful if someone can advice me!





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Everything you need is here.


(also at the upper right of the forum)


Install and run the Monkey to get all the latest drivers, firmware, ect.


Then run the License Manager.

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