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Absolutely! . The Firehawk FX and the Firehawk 1500 are essentially the same thing, as the Firehawk 1500 is essentially a killer flat response amp that has had a Firehawk FX already built into it. How easy it is depends upon the "why" for why you're doing it.  Do you just want more effects? Do you just want a mono flat response amplifier?


If all you want is a basic amplifier, you just use one or both of the "main out" outputs on the Firehawk FX into the "monitor in" inputs on the Firehawk 1500. Walla.


This approach is much more limited though as it bypasses all of the Firehawk 1500's effects processing and the whole celebrated wet/dry/wet setup. If you want to utilize its effects it gets a touch more complicated. Since I don't have a basic Firehawk FX and have never tried to meld it with the 1500 (I'm still waiting on my HX stomp to experiment in similar ways) I can only give you some guesswork. You'd probably have to experiment a bit to get exactly what you want. I'd probably recommend some variation of the four cable method with your Firehawk FX as your main starting point (Guitar in/send). It might look something like this:


1. Setup your signal chain how you want it in the Firehawk FX (amp models, effects).

2. Disable the amp model in the Firehawk 1500 (Clean model section set to "none"). Honstly, this is kind of redundant because of how I'm telling you to set it up, but it's good practice to turn off crap you don't need.

3. Place the FX chain for the Firehawk 1500 after the amp section but before its effects and turn it on.

4. Enable whatever Firehawk 1500 effects you want or disable them (turn them off) and ensure they are placed After the FX Loop.

5. Plug your guitar into the "guitar in" section of the Firehawk FX.

6. Use either the left/mono 1/4" out of the Firehawk FX or both the left and right and plug them into the FX Return of the Firehawk 1500.

7. Set the Firehawk FX output mode to "Line."

8. Make sure the Firehawk 1500's FX Loop mix is set to 100%.

9. Adjust the Firehawk 1500's effects and volume to taste.  


Anyway, I think that would work. I had to type this up pretty fast, but if you're really interested in this it's at least a variation of the above, and I'm sure we could walk you through it if something didn't work on the first try.


Below is a link to another earlier topic on the forum which has served me well as a reference for Firehawk stuff:



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