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HELIX help sought, guitar cable tip stuck, help!


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The tip of a guitar cable has left itself behind in the guitar input port, as a result I can't use it until I remove the tip of this cable( you can see it in the pic below).
Is it possible to use the AUX imput for guitar ? Anything special I have to do to make it work or are both inputs essentially the same ? Has anyone removed the back of their HELIX, anything special to know about removing the back panel to get at the jack ?
Thanks, appreciate any help.
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I had this problem not too long ago. You can use the aux in for guitar, but the impedance is much higher and as such is normally better for active/hot pickups. 


I got the tip of my cable out by screwing a long screw into the lodged tip so that it was stuck on the end of the screw, then simply pulling it out. 


It may take a few attempts as the clips are quite stiff, but it did work for me. Hope you get it out! 


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