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HX Stomp + Morningstar MC6


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Hi all -


brand new to midi etc. used to big rigs but primarily all analog.


Here is my ideal setup for touring - a HX Stomp and Morningstar MC6.


can I set it up so that say, I have tap/tuner on the hx stomp, two switches on it that Switch between two amps (or snapshots of one amp?) and I have the morning star setup to individually turn on and off three effects in the block? (Two delays and verbs) I would then have two foot switches set to go up and down between patches


sorry if this isn’t clear enough. Just curious!



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You could, but you'd need to program the Morningstar for each Preset, the way I understand.

There is no way to calibrate a Midi controller to always turn on Blocks 2, 3, 4 etc... They can only toggle specific effects or parameters, within a Preset.


The way I was thinking of setting-up my Morningstar was (and I am not 100% sure I can do this just yet, but we'll see):

* Bank 1 = looper control

* Bank 2 = 6 presets

* Bank 3 = 6 presets

* Each Preset button takes me to a dedicated Bank, with blocks toggle buttons (i.e. I select a Preset, and the same action also changes to the Bank with the Preset's stomp or Snapshot settings)

* Leave the core Unit in Snapshot mode


Or, it may make more sense to leave the HX in Stomp mode, and toggle snapshots only. I got a Boss FS-7 to add two footswitches to the HX, which work as FS4/FS5 for ALL presets (I could, for example, ALWAYS map blocks 4 and 5 to be OD + Mod, and always mapped to FS4 and 5, though the process is roughly the same as if I were to do that via MIDI).


The extent of my Midi knowledge was gathered last night while pondering exactly what you're asking, so I may be wrong :)

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Hi Guys 

Sorry I’ve tacked in to an old thread...but it’s relevant to a question I have. Am using the MC6 with my HX stomp...assigning the FS4 & FS5 functions to preset up and down. Sometimes I have to jump more than ten banks (ie frm say preset 34a to 10a or the like) when the singer calls out a random song. Is there a way I can set up the MC6 to jump more than one preset at a time? At the mo it moves me only one - 34A to 34B for example. So if I want to jump quickly thru multiple banks can I do that by assigning a switch on the MC6? Thanks in advance :)))) 

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