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XLR Left and Right Output Mismatched


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Hey everyone.


I recently noticed that my Helix is outputting different levels through the left and right channels. 
I've always run a stereo setup so I thought maybe it was the way the amp settings were so I compensated with adjusting their individual volumes. I usually run 2 amps which are hard panned.
However, I recently had to setup and run a mono system so that I could have 1 signal go to the mixing desk and another signal go to my own foldback. It was here that I found the signal from the left channel is far quieter than the right channel. 


I had the two xlr's plugged into the helix but only plugged one into the foldback at a time. This way I could check that the signal was just being doubled onto the other channel and ready for the gig. It was here that I realised that the signal level was different.


To make sure it wasn't an effect on a patch I loaded a blank patch and tested the dry signal going straight through the helix and into the foldback. This had the same result.

This has me kind of stumped. I can compensate it to make do however left and right channel should be the same. I want to avoid backing everything up and doing a factory reset. I always find doing this stuffs up with my midi programming and snapshots.


Has anyone experienced this before? 

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4 minutes ago, rvroberts said:

No - and i've checked it.

Are there any other possible explanations - have you reversed the cables?

It's the easiest way to be sure it's the Helix.

If it is your Helix, you have a problem that should be checked.


Thanks for the comment.

I have reversed the cables and it was the same outcome. That was the first thing I did to be sure that they were both working. I uncoiled them to make sure there wasn't any impedance issues and jiggled them around a bit. No success unfortunately

I may have to take it to a tech. Might try a full factory reset first though :(

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