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G10 Not Charging/Wont turn on

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Hey guys, 

I recently bought a G10 wireless. Now, i've used it live, worked perfectly and was actually very happy with it. But I got home and the damn thing will not work. 


The receiver is just flashing red (on the halo) about 1 flash a second, when I plug the transmitter in. 


The transmitter does not turn on, at all, I charged it for 4 hours, then tried it, nothing. I tried it overnight, then nothing... 


I'm at a loss i really am. 


Guitars tried: 

Ibanes RG8

Dingwall NG2 (this was what it worked with live) 

Fret King Corona 

Ibanez SR505

Ibanez S420

Legator Ghost 7 string with EMG 707s 


Any advice would be greatly welcomed right now! 



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Line 6 has the worst customer service in the world!!! I also have a defective G10 that wont charge i opened a service ticket and Line 6 replied that i needed to contact a service center near my home which i did but the owner of the store said since i didn't buy the system through his store he is not obligated to give me service!!! DONT BUY THIS SYSTEM THEY ARE CRAP!!! And they are NOT serviceable!!!! 

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