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Running Duel Bass Rigs (HXFX)

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Hey all. Don’t spend much time on here and I’m new to running 2 rigs. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I didn’t search very long to check. But.....


i want to run 2 bass rigs at once with the HX and my existing board. So, I have an Electric Power Unit into a GK Neo 410 and a Peavey Musician 400 series into a Fender bassman 410. I want the Electic/GK for the dirty rig, the peavey/Fender the clean. 


Whats the best way to do it?? I want to run my board into the dirty rig and the HX to go to the clean rig. Right now I’m running my dirty rig out of my board which is the main (mono) out on the HX. Then I have a one SEND from the HX to the clean rig. I like it this way. But then I can’t really manipulate what’s happening with the clean rig that much. Just levels really. What I would really like to do is find a way to be able to run some effects from the HX into the clean too but without the them running to the dirty rig. I have my whole board, preamps, dirt and wah, whammy and octave stuff going to the dirty. I have the HX send going to the clean rig. I’d like to add the obsidian model to the clean but not the dirty. How would i do that?? Should I be running the HX to the clean in a different manner other than using the send??? 


Thanks for any help and or suggestions all!! Great to be here. 

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