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Ok so first I need to say I love this guitar,but I am starting to get bad taste in my mouth. MY JTV59 was working fine, I was learning on how to use in studio environment. I had a message come on lin6 monkey tell me updates were available and also was having trouble with JAVA and so forth. So I updated JAVA software directly from their site. Tells me I need to remove old versions and that in doing so might have trouble with certain programs and all that.


I download from LINE6 the appropiate updates for my gear and now when I try to connect my variax workbench into my guitar it either is dead or very spotty, garbled. If I push the button to turn it off it will go back to standard electric but when you press the buttone, KNOB or what ever to turn it on it does not work.


I have updated my PC before I have new chords , it was working fine before I installed new vx workbench HD.


2nd) problem is on the original variax work bench software you can save and back up alt tunings, but on the new HD version you can only save unless I am missing something you cannot LOAD previous tunings. Which is a drag for I save many to work with and now I am out of the water.  I make music for a living and need my gear to work. Not totally freaking out for I know it will be resolved. Does anyone have any other issues and is this common?


I have had many problems thru out my career and been able to figure most stuff out but this boggles me? If I figure it out I will let you all know. Please help someone show me the way as peter frampton once said :)


I am working in

Sonar X2 Producer edition

64 bit and 32 PC

Windows 7 Pentium


Mark Allan Wolfe


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