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Problems With Workbench Again, Please Help

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I'm very upset and sad, my problems with the workbench 2.0 back, switched cables, changed vdi cable, did everything, not only changed the USB interface because here in Brazil do not have where to buy, every time I use the workbench  I get error messages(midi, etc) and some models are mute and wited with strange letters. So I have to reinstall the firmware and return to the beginning, but what intrigues me most is that the workbench loads the models that are on JTV, but I just try to make any Operating it gives error and mute the models, I am really very upset . I have saved all my bundle on my pc but I can not put on my jtv because of error. Now, I reinstalled 2.0, but I can not install my bundle more. Very strange also is the fact that I do not have any problem to install the firmware, I have only on workbench, which makes me suspect that the USB interface can be the cause of the problem. Anyone have a suggestion? thank you


I attached the image of de error message

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